About The Feet of Shadows

Or, An Invitation to Walk

Reality is harsh to the feet of shadows. But will you come? — The Great Divorce

One of the great points we find all throughout the philosophical and theological landscape of faith is the idea of God as “the Real“ or “true Reality.“ This is the case even in Christendom, and we are called ever-more to get closer to that Realilty.

We are called to become real as we were made to be, not as untrue as we are.


Feet of Shadows is some of my walk towards what’s real. My name is Jacob T. Murphy, a writer from Northern Ireland living in England, and I’ve always enjoyed walking.

So did C.S. Lewis, I infer. The Great Divorce, from where this publication takes its name, is about walking and becoming real. Maybe it’s a theme for Ulstermen, but I digress.

If you’re interested in my journey, need a companion on your own, or want something to read for reading’s sake, you’re welcome to walk through the posts here.

In the end, maybe we’ll all really be who we were made to be.

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A Pilgrimage to Reality, with Jacob T. Murphy


Jacob T. Murphy

25-year-old writer, Catholic, lover of podcasts, and dusty old libraries. Writing over at https://feetofshadows.substack.com/